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Nicer Dicer Plus Fusion in Pakistan

(0345-2222646),,Nicer Dicer Plus Fusion Price in Pakistan, Prepare family meals and the snacks at the speed likes never before. Nicer Dicer Fusion the lets you slices, dice, the chop, the julienne, shred, grate, cube and the quarter.

Nicer Dicer Plus Fusion Price in Pakistan

You’ll be the ablest to saves prep times and the cleans-up time by the cuttings all your food with one easy motions. Once cuts, the slices drops rights into the containers for fast the servings and the storages.

Nicer Dicer Fusion Features in Pakistan at

Easy-lifts the functions: automatic openings mechanism in the cuttings lid with 3-possibles settings to the ease your movement

22-differents cutting sizes and the 29-different cutting result

3-differents, easily switchable blades insert made of the sharps, hardened stainless steels

Blades inserts with the two differents cutting surfaces: 2-ingredient can be the prepared at the same time into differents sizes

Blade inserts with continuous surface: to cut larger or more food in one move

Variables cutting thickness: from the papers-thin up to the 0.6 cm individual adjustable feed plates

18-extendables juliennes blades for the perfectly cut julienne strip

Ultimate safety the cutting with the Handy Hopper and the Food Holder

Optional accessories includes -

2-blades inserts with 3-sword blades for the quick and the efficient cutting result

Transparents cover to the fix the blades insert, serving as the splash guard, and to the easily and cleanly add foods into the mixing bowls

Cranks handle for easy used and the total cutting controls

Ingredients can be the minced, whiskeds, beat and the chopped easily

Nicer Dicer Plus Fusion Price in Pakistan