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Luma Candles in Pakistan

(0321-2223646),, Luma Candles the Real wax the flameless candles gave you the 12 lightening soptions on the Candle color. The multi-function remote control included with the Luma Candles Price in the Pakistan gives you the ability to the changes the mood and the atmospheres of the any room. Greats  outdoors, the dinner and the party.

Luma Candle Price in Pakistan:-

Remote included allows you to the changes the color of the candles (individually) to 12-different colors! There is the even the multi-color options and the  4 and 8 hours timer. Luma Candles has the set of the flameless, column / tumbler candles that the light up in the multi color LED color and the requires 3, AA-Battery. Comes with the multifunctions remotes controller to the changes the color of you’re the candles from the anywheres do not the mess, spills and the dripping LED candles the features automatic timer.

Magic Luma Candles in Pakistan:

Luma Candle Stylish,

Luma Candle Solid,

Luma Candle Portables,

Luma Candle 12 LED colors,

Luma Candle Long life,

Luma Candle 3 Candles,

Luma Candle Safe, flameless,

Luma Candle remote control,

Luma Candle Requires 3 AA batteries,

Luma Candles Price in Pakistan