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H20 Mop X5 5in1 Steam Cleaner in Pakistan

(0321-2223646), Clickbuy.pk, Intended to the altogether cleaner and the helps disinfect all the surface in the your homes without cruel chemical. In second the capable H2O MOP X5 Price in the Pakistan changed over normal waters into supers warmed. Clickbuy.pk Whether it’s the restrooms and kitchens, nursery and the patio flame broil – now you can be GREEN CLEAN with the Variables Steam settings that the make the H20 X5 steamers ideal for the practically any cleanings occupations. Clickbuy.pk

H2O MOP X5 in the Pakistan

Floor mops: light and the flexibility floor mops with flexible steams settings for the numerous types of the surfaces. Clickbuy.pk online shopping in the Pakistan The steams releases the earth and the grime while the microfiber lifts and the secures it. Ideal for the covers, marble, fixed wooden floor, tile, grouts, artistic and that’s just the beginnings

H20 MOP X5 Price in Pakistan:-

Rug cleaners: Carpet lightweight flyer gives you the chance to effective evacuate stains while revivings and freshening up your mat the Clickbuy.pk

1. Floor Cleaner – Works On Any Floors Type! For the streak free shine on the sealed wooden floorings. Steam set in the between for tile, grout, ceramic and the more!

Thoroughly deeps cleans most the floor sorts. Get nice result on marble, the ceramic, carpet, stones, laminate, and the sealed hardwood.

Original H2O MOP X5 in the Pakistan

2. hand-held the Steamer – Clean even the arduous to the achieve places effectively. Comes with the Jet Nozzles, Nylon Brush and Wire Brush for the max skillfulness

3. cleaners – Clean just about the Any Surfaces in the Second! while not the victimizations any harmfully chemicals, have spicks, streak-free cleanup for all the glasses surfaces, and the cleans super robust stains on sinks, stove top, and the even within the ovens!

4. Carpet Cleaner – The innovatives Carpet heaviers-than-air craft brings the carpets and the rugs backs to life. Used it to get rid of stains, refresh, revive, and the change.

5. Garments Steamer – Say goodby to the Ironings! With the Garments Steamer attachments, wrinkles fall out, the creases soften away and your the clothes are the contemporary and prepared to the wear

H20 Mop X5 5in1 Steam Cleaner Price in Pakistan