Digital Therapy Electric Massage Machine Price Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi

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Digital Therapy Electric Massage Machine in Pakistan

(0321-2223646),, For the brand new and the modern science and the technology

For adapting technology the acupuncture, easy operations

Digital  therapy Electric Machine Price in Pakistan

Digital therapy machines will for the wonderful combination of the differents pulse signals will be makes you hace the trues feeling of the acupuncture,

Stroking, the manipulation, cupping, massage and the scrapping

Electronic pulses stimulates the accupuntral pressure points and the improved blood flow

To relieve back pain, shoulder pain, pain in the muscles and others

Digital therapy machine in the Pakistan helps to relaxed you from stress, removes your muscle tension and the tiredness

Very light weights, suitable for the home used and travel and the office use

Great for the gift for family and the friends

Its Net Weight: 100g

therapy machine in the Pakistan

Therapy Machine Features:

Output voltages: 15,

Pulse the frequency: 1-330HZ

Voltages: 15 V

Modulations mode: Alternatives

Amendment waveform: the sharp wave

The timing of the units (top 15min): Timer

Overall dimension: 153 * 70 * 28MM

Working temperatures: 5-40 ℃ temperature

Power supply: 3 × 1.5V AAA batteries and power adapter

Package includeds:

1* Digital Therapy Machine and Therapy device

2* Electrode adhering tips and the pads

1* USB the charging cable

1* uses manual

Digital Therapy Electric Massage Machine Price in Pakistan