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Derma Roller in Pakistan

(0321-2223646),, The derma roller treatment is the one of the latest rejuvenations procedures in the aesthetic derma tology. The treatments is the based on that the 250 tiny pinholes are the dropped per squares inch on the skin surfaced with the very fine roller covered with the sharps-tipped spikes. As the result of the fine small wound of the skins such the biological activator start producings, which can be activates the own regenerations mechanism of the your skin.

It’s the collagens inductions processing, which is the based on an immunes the responsed induced by  micro-damaged. The fibroblasts cells the activates which the produce collagens and the elastin as well, they are the indispensabled for the youthful, the resilient appearance. Actives substances are the introduced to the deeper layer of the your skin by the small needles, which are the continuously absorbed. Due to these woundsan the edematous process the starts in your skin, which triggers the enhanced cell to regenerations. Since this procedures is the invasive home the care is the also very important for the skins. Our every clients gets its own roller, which is not used on any the other skin.

What is the Kollagén indukció: | Indications:

-for the pigment spots,            -sun the damaged skin,

-dilated pores,                           -too the oily and the shiny skin,

-acne scars,                               -red the stretch marks,

-burns,                                       -tired the skin,

-fine wrinkles,                           -deeper grooves,

Derma Roller Contraindications:

Herpes,                                         Mole,

chronic skin the disease,           problems with the blood clotting,

poor healing the ability,             malignant skin lesions

active acne                                   eczema

facial flushing (Rosacea)            psoriasis

Major solar kurtosis (Continuous exposure to the sunlight emerging, blurry-edged the spots rough to the touch,) prominent the birthmarks, wart susceptibility to the keloid formations, pregnancy and the breast-feeding, fruit acid the peelswithin six months prior to the treatment, anaesthetic cream the allergy (lidocaine sensitivity), differents drugs for the example. roacutans, blood thinners and the anti-clotting agents, and the aspirin and the aspirin-containing, diabetes

After effects of derma roller treatment:

After the derma roller treatments may be occurs sunburns-like rash, which, the depending on the regeneratives abilities of the skins usually passes completely within a 1 to 3 days. In case of the extremely sensitive skins, less bruising the of 1-2 days may occurs.

After the collagens treatments the strongs sunlight should be the avoidedwithin 6 to 8 weeks.

The skin should be the protected in the weeks followings the treatments with the somesun protections cream of the min 20-factors from the strongs sunlight, the sunbathing, tanning is not the recommended.

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How many treatments are the necessary?

This, of the course depends on the concretes skin problems and the conditions of the immunes systems too. After the 1-3 application of the derma roller treatment the patients reports improvements, but the real results is expected after the line therapy of the 2-3 month.

There are the approx.1-4 months to the wait for the developments of the final result after the derma roller treatments but our patient’s reports spectacular improvement already in the first in few days.

Prices and the treatments OF Derma Roller:

The soft packs the contain the  bases – derma roller treatment, which are makes the skin more beautiful with the ampules suitables for all the skin types.

Treatments of the especially category can be the used mostly for the aging leathers; they have the concentrations of the hyaluronic, which is the today’s leading cosmetic ingredients.

The extra types of the skin care treatment are made for the maximum skin care; they are contain the  plus mechanical treatments compared to the extra and special category, which uses the micro derma abrasion. The two treatments are the synergistic (reinforce each others), so , when the skin polishing is the applied before the treatments with derma roller, the actives ingredients can get the much easier into the skin, so, the results will be even more spectaculars.

Derma Roller Price in Pakistan