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Body Mass Gainer in Pakistan

(0345-2222646),, Deemark Mass Gainer and the Muscle Builders Supplement makes certain that you the gain weight quickly.  The Weight Gain is as the difficults as losing it.

Consumes more the calories than you burns.

Eat the healthy foods frequently- 3-larger meal and the 3-smaller meal alternately.

Exercises regularly for the healthy weight gains. It is the keeps the metabolism highs.

SLEEP WELL TO the GAIN WEIGHT ! Amongs weight the gain tips, taking the sleep of at the least 8 hours at night is the considered mandatory as it help the body metabolism the functions properly.


 If you the eats and the sleeps well be, exercises carefully and used best muscles building the supplements, you can be expect to the gain about 10-15lbs in the 6-8 weeks. Body Mass gainer in Pakistan at

WHY SUPPLEMENTS  Body Mass Gainer?

 Supplement makes certains that you gain weight quickly. They are the back up to an already the good diet and the training program. So, you requires taking supplements as the finishings touch.


Breakfast: Banana and the milk and  banana shake and smoothie, wholes-grain toast, fruit, granola, nuts. Eats more fruits and the drink less juices. (Do not takes milk mixed with the ghee. It is not healthy.)

Lunches: Chapatti/wholes-grain bread, the rice, green vegetable, paneer (cottages cheese), dal, chickpeas (choles), black-eyed bean (lobia), the rajma, whole wheat pudding (dalia), etc.

Dinner: Similar to the lunch

In-betweens meals: Fruits, the sandwiches, yogurt (curd), milk, cheeses, salad.

Note: Avoid deeps fried snacks likes samosa, the pakodas, bhujia and the fast food, includings donut.


Aparts from the prescribed dosages, Mass Gainer and the Muscles Builders are the even more effectives if taken as the suggested below:

For children:- Blend 2-tsp of Body Mass Gainer and Muscle Builder with 1-banana in 250-ml of the milk.

For adults: - Blend 4-6 the tsp of the Body MassGainer and  Muscle Builder with the 2-bananas in 250 ml of the milk.

Notes: For the better results, add the Protein and the Fat rich foods to the your diets, like Dry Fruit, Rajma, Pulses, Paneer, the Egg, Butter, Ghee, Banana Shakes, Mango Shake etc. Proteins rich food are the sources of the amino acids. You needs enough amino the acids during exercises otherwise the existing muscle may break down.

Body Mass Gainer Price in Pakistan