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Tonific Body Massager in Pakistan

(0321-2223646),, Tonific is the body massager and the Tonific Body Massager. The secrets is the triples rotatings heads that creates multi-dimensionally vibrations, designed to the releases and the disperse fat and the cellulite in the matter of the weeks. It tone abs, arms, the thighs, the legs and more. The perfects healing touches relieves necks, the back, feet and hand aches and the pains.

Gently and the effectively reduced the appearance of the cellulite at the comforts of your homes

Relieved pain and the discomfort, eases sore the muscles,

Increased blood flow,

Can be used on the bare skin,

Acu-spheres can be the used either hot and cold, and are the easily washable,

Speed up to 2700-rpm and the controlled by the dial buttons

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3-Types of Spheres

  • Cellulite Busters
  • Deep Serving Spik
  • Spiral Nod

Tonific Body Massager Price in Pakistan