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Black Hair Color Shampoo in Pakistan

(0345-2222646),, Made of the Noni fruits ( Noni fruit is for the strengthening the hairs, help hair growth and to the prevent hair loss.) Can be uses any parts of the body hair it do not the stain your skins. Two peaces of the gloves are the provided to the protects the nails from stainings the colours (as the nails are the dead cells).

Manufacture/Imported under the license of the Central Govt. Drugs Controller.

Tested at the Internationals standard drugs testing laboratory, Chennai Central Drugs testing laboratory and the Kerala State drugs testings laboratory, Trivandrums , No needs to uses shampoo separately to the make it “natural black” as this products contain shampoo also.

Black Hair Shampoo Mixture;-

The sachet contain 2-layers, shampoo and the colourant. The two layers are to be the mixed in equally proportion. If the proportion are the differents, the durations and quality of the black hairs effects may be affected. In the bottle packs, the two mixture are in the separate bottle. While used the bottle, follow the same procedures and mix in equally proportion from both bottles.

Black Hair Color Shampoo Usage:-

Wet hairs thoroughly. Wear the Plastic gloves ( Provided insides ) before the openings black hair Shampoo Sachets. This ensure that your nails are the unstained. Cut open the entires sachet from the tops. Use the entires black hair shampoo sachets and the apply on the hair. Massage hair well for the 5 minutes untilly the shampoo is the evenly spread out on the scalp. Rinse well with the water. Ensure that the totally time takens for the applying the black color shampoo should not the exceed 10-minutes. Since the hairs colors shampoo already contain shampoo, you don’ts need furthers shampooing for the obtaining natural black colour Shampoo in pakistanm at

 Black Color Shampoo Durations:-

Hair colour shampoo gaves you the same durations of the ‘black hair effects’ compared to the using normal hairs dyes. Howevers, the new hairs that the grows back will be the white. This is the due to the facts that the ‘black hairs effects’ is the possible only on hairs strands above the roots. This clears the commons misconceptions that using hairs dye will be whiten the remaining hair strand.

Black Hair Color Shampoo Price in Pakistan