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11-in-1 Face Massager in Pakistan

(0321-2223646), Clickbuy.pk, The Facial Massager in Pakistan is the massager of the two rotations speed. Alleviates and the stimulates the tired faces, chin and the neck with the specially designed 11 different types of the attachments. For the best beauty parlor. It operate on the batteries size AA 2 (not the included). We can used it as the foot cleaner (pedicure)

Immediate removed dry and the coarse skin and the eliminate the callus with the stores and the accessories Polishes

Removes tissues and the unwanted hair easily withouts any pain and itchings

11-in-1 facial skin the massager machine beauty tools comfortabled the Face Beauty 11 in 1 facial skins comfortabled massager beauty tool prices in the Pakistan. (11 in 1) the multi-functional electrically facial massage Facial Cleanser and the body exfoliations scrub Beauty (random colors Price in the Pakistan

About 11-in-1 Facial Massager:-

Do not you just want to the have some sort of the magical device that will be keeps your skin looks younger and the smooth all day longs? If the answer is yes, then perhap you should try to the get the beauty of the devices 11 in 1. With this device the Face Massager in the Pakistan, you can be immediately removed dry, rough skins, eliminating the callus with the stores and accessories polished. Shaped nails, and the remove tissue and the unwanted hair easily withouts any pain and itching.

Operated used 2 × AA batteries, this devices can be the amazing beauty to do the 11 wonders of the safe and effectives chemical peels and the aser alternatives.

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11-in-1 Face Massager Features:

Easy to the carry,

Design- comfortable,

Material- ABS plastic body,

Operated using AA batteries × 2,

Alternative to chemical peels and the laser,

Product, the weight 800G,

Package Included:-

A 1 × Beauty,

2 × soft brush,

2 × coarse buffer,

Beautiful 1 × buffer,

1 × raw Polish the Accessories,

1 × pumice the penis,

1 × large crude Polish the Accessories,

1 × rolling the massager,

1 × make-up the sponge,

1 × rubber the sponge,

1 × Crystal the pillow,

11-in-1 Face Massager Price in Pakistan